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Europe is not the old Europe anymore. It developed into a new geographic state due to its diverse population as well as its religious from the times of the old Europe. The Muslim population is an  ndisputed fact for Europe’s future. In this context, Europe’s future also represents the future of the millions of Muslims it accommodates. This phenomenon will also The relationship between the  slamic World and Europe, which will once again come in contact with the Islamic civilisation, will be strengthen through co-operation and mutual support. Dear friends, Each one of us university  tudents is in the position to play a constructive and guiding role in these established or yet to be created relationships. The expectation that the Islamic Federation Belgium has from students who  ursue a degree in Belgium is never to lose faith that the scholars and thinkers who will emerge from our midst will enrich this society, nor to slow down our efforts to reach this goal.

Abdil Kara
President of BİF Student Department


BIF Youth Organisation

The essence of the BIF Student Depart ment is to bring up youngsters who are aware of their Islamic and cultural identity and who are an enrichment for the society they live in. The BIF Student Department which opera tes in 30 associations across Belgium has been organising ducational and sports ac tivities as well as cultural programmes for 25 years geared towards youth of various age groups, spanning from those entering the secondary school age up to those who
are at the end of their university education. The overall aim of all the activities is to raise “future generations which are beneficial to humanity”.

In the name of the University

With its presence in Belgium, the Student Department of BIF contributes to the establishment of a multicultural and pluralistic society by referring to our historic traditions.
Apart from educating our youth with good moral values, the organisation assists young people to be successful in their school lives and motivates them to become self-confident individuals who can enrich the society in which they live.
The activities of the Student Department which are being carried out in different regions across Belgium can be categorised under three main groups: Educational, Cultural and Social. The most important activities among these are UNIDAY, symposium/panels and seminars, Special Educational Programme, seminar camps and the Meeting of the Regional Student Committee. These activities take place periodically and provide objectives and guidance to university student across Belgium.

Special Educational Program

program aims to educate individuals who are versed in our culture of science and wisdom and are able to represent it sufficiently. Giving direction to society and building a viable future is indeed possible if we invest in our future. Our source for this purpose is our younger generation to whose future we can contribute. We regard this as a duty to ourselves and our community. The younger generation which will give direction to our future, will need to reacquaint themselves with their religion, language, history and culture. As a result, the special educational programme aims to teach individuals who are versed in our culture of science and wisdom and are able to represent it sufficiently.

Historical Excursions




To claim the assertion of existence in any field requires activity not passivity. We as the Student Department are present in Europe. We should always renew ourselves by knowing how to take a look at the future by means of the tradition. In this context, it is important that we take a look at the future, not only from the past, but also from the present. We ought not to regard our historical roots as an area of frustration but as an area of inspiration which will prepare us for the future. The way we evaluate the past will define the boundaries of our horizon. A healthy relationship with our past would mean that we could hold our future in our own hands and shape it in the most beautiful way.
UNIDAY is a periodically organised event targeted at university students with whom we hope to meet on this journey.

Panel / Symposium / Seminar

It is neither possible to produce new thoughts nor speak about the authenticity of ideas if these thoughts are not exchanged and discussed. As the Student Department, we contribute to the deepening of our people’s world of thinking by organising these kinds of programmes where different views on intellectual and current topics are being discussed and analysed. In order to provide space for new and different opinions, we conduct one part of our programmes in a panel/seminar format and the other part in a symposium.

Seminar Camps

Seminar camps are programmes we organise in order to deal with a particular topic in a more comprehensive way. During these events, university students from different Belgian regions are provided with the opportunity to get to know and bond with each other. In this occasion, they can also scrutinise and deepen the topics presented by experts.

Committee Meetings

The Regional Committee of the Student Department holds periodical meetings. During these meetings, the annual work plan is prepared and the respective activities are reviewed. Also, new notifications are issued to encourage our youth to do more beneficial services.